Harlem Spirit was founded by Trevor Orr in March 1979. They released their first record " Dem a Suss" in the summer of 1980,which was picked up by EMI, and released on the EMI label in December 1980.

When the riots started in 1981, the record was banned and EMI dropped it.

After the riots ,EMI came up with " Universal Man" a tribute to the Late Bob Nester Marley, which we recorded and was then released on the " LIMO" label.

The band formed their own record label " Fusion HSpirit Record" and started releasing their own records until 1997.

Harlem Spirit had done their apprenticeship appearing on BBC TV and radio and Granada TV, performing/playing gigs throughout the UK, Northern Ireland, Holland and many more countries.

We took time out and now we are back with New single and Album for 2015.

The Album is called " Spirit in the Moss ". The single, Track 1 off the Album is" Race hate is Mental Pollution" Track 4 off the Album is " Why can't we be Lovers" will be available for download from 14th February 2015.